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My Story

I'm June, Allround Stylist

and Photographer

I grew up in Belgium, Antwerp where I inherited my passion for food from my mother and grandmother, who served me middle eastern and asian cuisine from an early age.


From them I learned the fun of cooking, which I still do every day (preferably for large groups!).

I studied at Artemis Academy, where I discovered my passion for food styling, and I also followed a photography course at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam to further develop my food photography. 

For me, a picture should speak by itself. I find nothing more enjoyable and interesting than walking through a space, analysing it and capturing it's essence in 2D. The best part is when a client looks at the pictures and creates a whole story in their head. Let your imagination flow. 

I'm excited to share my passion with you. Allow me to guide you through my journey, just sit back and enjoy the pictures.

Please contact for more details and collaborations.

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